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managmentSetting up a website and selling online has become so easy to do now, but actually capturing a regular, decent volume of sales requires some careful planning and perseverance. As I`ve mentioned before, selling online isn`t easy, but that difficulty actually helps you gain a competitive advantage over your rivals. In this guide, I will show you how to maximise your visitors to your website and how to convince many of them into making a purchase - some tips involve investment of money (e.g. purchasing Yahoo! directory listing or listing) - and many others involve the use of some elbow grease! This is just a rough guide to selling online - but hopefully you will find some useful tips here that you may not have been aware of before. Some points are philosophical, some are technical. But they`re all important. Key things to online success:-
be an autodidact (Google is your friend)
identify the purpose of your site (or, what you want isn`t always what you need)
distinguish yourself from your competitors (enthusiasm, expertise)
create interesting and compelling content
manage your product categories and content so search engines can identify what you sell
display and describe your products in such a way to aid your visitors AND search engines
keep your site constantly up-to-date to attract repeat visitors
find optimal pricing levels
Drukarnia internetowa
build trust - by being on the customer`s side
build trust #2 - have trusted websites link to your website
spread the word
commit time and effort to your site
persevere, perservere, persevere, persevere, persevere